In conversation with... Clare Beardmore, Head of Broker and Propositions, Legal & General Mortgage Club

Danny Belton speaks to Clare Beardmore about her highlights of the year, and what 2022 may bring.

Tell us in three words how you'd describe 2021

Crazy, fun, record-breaking.

What's been your personal highlight for the year?

Winning the Woman in Fintech award at the Financial Reporter Women’s Recognition Awards. I really didn’t expect to win, but the biggest honour was being nominated by a member of my team – someone who I respect very much.

In the first half of the year, you were looking after the transformation team and the second half you became Head of Broker – has it been a year of two halves or have there been parallels between the two?

Although they are two different roles, they are fundamentally interlinked. At the core of both is looking after our brokers and providing what they need. My new role is broader than just technology, but it’s still a huge part.

What are your expectations for 2022?

The pace just keeps on rolling which is fantastic for our industry. Next year should remain busy and keep us all on our toes. I think green will be a huge feature for next year, just as I think diversity and inclusion will continue to stay at the top of the agenda. Let’s hope it’s not just talking, but plenty of action in both areas. I also hope it’s the year brokers realise technology isn’t here to replace them, but to make them more efficient. We just need to give them time – time to think, time to adapt, and time to grow.