In conversation with... Kevin Roberts

Danny Belton, Head of Lender Relationships, speaks to Kevin Roberts, Director at Legal & General Mortgage Club about the bumper year for homebuying, and his predictions for next year.

Can you describe 2021 in three words?

Challenging, rewarding, and frantic.

What's been your personal highlight for the year?

It has been busy and challenging. Watching my team grow and rise to the challenge has given me the most pleasure. They have grown wings and are absolutely flying.

What challenges have you faced as the leader of one of the UK's largest mortgage clubs?

Our whole industry has faced unprecedented levels of business and demand from consumers to help them on their mortgage journey. Any challenge I’ve faced feels insignificant compared to the volumes advisors, lenders, surveyors and conveyancers have seen. If the Club has helped in any way, from just being there, to our tech solutions, I’m happy.

As we look to finish 2021 on record-breaking lending numbers, what do you think 2022 has in store?

I have a positive outlook for 2022. I think the reassessment of our homes has only just begun and we’ll see a healthy purchase market. The remortgage market forecast is set to be larger than the bumper one we had this year too, so there’ll be plenty of business to keep us occupied.

There’s a lot to be done to respond to the climate situation next year, especially around how we can contribute positively to the inefficiencies in our existing housing stock. I’d also like to see improvements on inclusivity within our industry. Finally, I think 2022 will be the year that technology comes of age and starts to benefit and support the valuable advice we provide.

What can we expect from Mortgage Club next year?

I’m looking forward to seeing the Club building on and enhancing the relationship we’ve established with our broker community throughout 2021. It’s been a hectic year but the support they’ve given to homebuyers has been invaluable. I hope we can make the process an easier one for both brokers and their clients.