29 April 2022

The technology that's improving our Buy-to-Let speed to offer

By LendInvest

While our BDMs support you throughout your application and case managers and underwriters take you through the pre- and post-offer stages of your deal, supporting these teams with industry-leading technology has been fundamental to our strategy as a Buy-to-Let lender.

Technology needn’t be used as a way to take people out of the Buy-to-Let process, but to enhance their job to make it simpler for them, for you and for your clients.

A targeted approach that helps alleviate the traditional pain points in the application and offer process is how we’ve supported our team to continue improving the Buy-to-Let process and deliver deals quickly.

Here’s a closer look at the tech our pre-offer team has been using to make your deals simpler.

  • Jumio

One of our most recent integrations, Jumio is a new form of ID verification that supports users to verify their ID straight from their smartphone.

A necessary addition in an increasingly digital world as we navigate Covid, we’ve used a form of a digital ID for years now.

Jumio integration is the latest step up in supporting facial recognition and allowing brokers and borrowers to proceed without the need for additional paperwork and delays.

This integration also offers a proof of residency check, further increasing speed in the process.

  • Equifax credit searches integrated into the process

Credit search integration was a big step for our case managers. While credit searches could be done through online tools before, integrating it into our application process means it happens side-by-side with the rest of the case processing and means they don’t have to exit the application to fulfil this requirement.

  • Open Banking for secure, fast underwriting

We’re an early adopter of Open Banking, a secure tool that enables faster, transparent underwriting.

We’ve seen first-hand the difference Open Banking can make to application speeds, and like Jumio, it removes the need for excess paperwork by presenting the essential financial information - we would usually request be sent separately - in one dashboard.

This ensures your clients get the right offer and further reduces the paperwork burden on you.

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