25 January 2022

Why consumers seeking remortgages need you

By Alison Pallett, Sales Director, LiveMore Capital

It’s a favourite topic of mine, given the size and the shape of the mortgage market and the reach that the Club has.  I think we are all agreed about the importance of whole of market advice, particularly when we come to interest only mortgages for the over 55’s.

Where I do believe we have a misalignment is around the consumer demand for these products and the difficulty they are having in sourcing this.

Customers coming to the end of their term end or fixed rate are looking for re-mortgage options

What a shock many of them are in for if they are seeking interest only as either part or all of their repayment method and they are over the age of 55. They often feel let down and stressed and don’t understand why they can’t find lenders who want them as customers particularly when they have made all their mortgage payments without fail.

Our recent customer survey and interview work most definitely bore this out, with one customer advising they spoke to two brokers, and it wasn’t until they undertook their own research and talked to the third broker about it, that they found LiveMore Capital, and the solutions we have on offer. To address this issue, we are actively advertising to help grow our brand, but we all know what a slow burn that is and the cost constraints new or smaller businesses have – it’s no different for us!

In a recent article written by Sarah Davidson which featured in INews, dated 8 September, she explored these themes and shared a case study on how one of our products had positively impacted one of our customers - fantastic PR for us.

What was surprising (or maybe it wasn’t!), was the number of enquiries that this generated, both directly into LiveMore and via traffic to our website.

We spoke to and will continue to speak to SO many consumers who are crying out for these products and are feeling disenfranchised with the mainstream market.  They don’t want Equity Release, but fear this is the only option available to them. They need YOUR help!

I know there are so many great firms out there helping customers achieve the best mortgage solution, that even ten years ago seemed impossible.

But here is an interesting fact:

35% of our customers are single women, who either by choice or design find themselves out there trying to find a mortgage for the next life stage and it’s not easy!

Before their marriage, my mum worked for National Westminster Bank– women could not get a mortgage on their own, most women didn’t work once they were married, so times have changed, but progress is still way too slow!

Diversity and inclusion have ever been a topic in our marketplace – here’s a chance to undertake positive action do something that could make a real difference.

Income into retirement is often skewed and so solutions need to be flexible.

We work tirelessly towards helping more people achieve their mortgage aims in later life so work with us and let’s see what we can do with the power of the Club behind us!

Register with us today at https://demo-portal.livemorecapital.com/bp/login or take a look at our website www.livemorecapital.com/intermediaries


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