15 May 2024

Why Homes Need Household Emergency and Boiler Cover:A Guide for Mortgage Brokers by Hometree

By Hometree

Hometree are the top-rated home emergency provider in the UK market.

Hometree offer more than just boiler cover, for a fixed monthly price they offer a range of cover options for every home. Their packages include:

  • Annual boiler service (no matter the age, make, or model)
  • Parts and labour cover for:
    • Gas boiler, flue and controls
    • Central heating
    • Plumbing
    • Drains
    • Home electrics
    • Home security
    • Pest control

Best of all, when your client purchases a Hometree cover package through Referral Pro, you can earn an average commission of £50.

When to introduce Hometree

Hometree packages are suitable for all homeowners as long as their home has a gas boiler.

As a mortgage broker, understanding the nuances of different types of home is crucial for providing comprehensive services to your clients. Just like mortgages, homes come in all shapes and sizes. With so many different types of homes for sale in the UK, we thought it would be handy to highlight some of the reasons why homes need household emergency and boiler cover protection from Hometree. Hometree's cover products are a perfect match for every home. But, if your client is about to sign on the dotted line for any of these properties, ask yourself if they would have greater peace of mind with the added protection Hometree can offer.

New Builds

Love them or loathe them, new builds are essential to solving the British housing crisis. Anyone who’s ever bought a new build will attest that there can be a whole host of teething problems that won’t be covered by the building warranty. While the new homeowner is likely to have a pristine-looking home, unforeseen issues could arise in the first months and years. For added peace of mind, household emergency and boiler cover can ensure a little extra protection while they settle into their brand-new home.

Vacant properties

The UK has over 261,000 long-term unoccupied properties. The reasons vary but, if a newly purchased property has sat unoccupied for some time, it’s likely the heating system might not have been tested for a while. Engineers recommend turning a boiler and heating system on every month to keep it optimised. If that hasn’t been happening then the likelihood of a major breakdown is much higher. This would be the perfect opportunity to recommend household emergency and boiler cover protection.

Older Homes

People love homes full of character and original features, but do they love the creaking inefficient boiler that could break down at any moment? If the boiler was installed 15 years ago then it’s likely approaching the end of its lifespan. Hometree covers all residential natural gas boilers regardless of their age and can ensure your clients get the support they need in the event of a boiler breakdown. If the boiler is truly beyond repair - Hometree can also offer a priority installation and discounts on an energy efficient replacement.

Listed buildings

There are an estimated 500,000 privately owned listed buildings across England and Wales. When these change hands the new owners need to be mindful of the unique needs of their new property and will want to mitigate every risk and potential expense. Unplanned work on a broken-down boiler in a listed building could cost far more than they bargained for. Homeowners can reduce the risks and minimise potential costs when they have Hometree cover in place.

By being aware of these factors, you can better advise your clients on the importance of investing in suitable household emergency and boiler cover packages before they move into their new homes. Educating homeowners about potential risks and providing tailored solutions can offer added security and value to the services you provide.

And remember, referring your clients takes 20 seconds through Referral Pro and when they purchase a plan with Hometree; you can earn an average commission of £50.

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