06 February 2023

How do we keep SmartrFit up-to-date and accurate?

We know that for our platform to really add value, it must be accurate and up to date, giving our users complete trust in the results.

To ensure we deliver on this, we’ve given our approach to working with lenders considerable thought, particularly around how we can remove barriers and make it easier for lenders to deliver criteria and product pricing in real time.

Following the launch of SmartrCriteria in 2019, we developed LenderHub – a dedicated platform that today provides lenders with complete control to view and most importantly, update their criteria, products and ESIS in real time. 

There are no licence fees or charges for utilising LenderHub, no limit to how many users can access LenderHub or SLAs to consider. This means lenders have complete control and easy access, resulting in them updating their criteria and products themselves, as an when changes happen, avoiding any third-party delays particularly around busy times.

For affordability, we mentioned in our last blog that our developers and lenders work together to replicate and store their affordability rules within our platform. This approach ensures any updates initiated by the lender is automatically fed through to SmartrFit in real time, with minimal need for human intervention. 

Support every step of the way

Just as it’s important to provide our lenders with the ability self-serve, we also recognise that having support is equally as important.  Behind the scenes we have our lender relationship and our product support teams, who work closely with lenders on everything from onboarding through to training and maintaining accuracy.

Our product support team monitor the accuracy across all our tools, completing monthly audits along with investigating and liaising with lenders on any inaccuracies that are reported.  In fact, in the final two months of 2022, the team completed 374 audits on our lenders and assessed 15,846 products.  

The team also monitor market trends and audit/update important criteria flows, where needed for lenders, as we recognise that teamwork is best approach.

The impact of our approach...

Last year when turmoil hit the financial markets and lenders needed to react quickly, we saw just how much providing direct access benefited our lenders and in turn our users.

At a 2022 roadshow, we spoke with Tom Denman-Molloy, Intermediary Sales Manager for Mansfield Building Society, here’s what Tom had to say on the benefits of our approach:


Mansfield SmartrFit video


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