26 January 2023

What lenders can I access on SmartrFit?

One of our most asked questions by advisers when it comes to SmartrFit is what lenders are available.

Since our tech journey began just three years ago, we’ve worked closely with lenders to not only onboard them on to our tech but to make it easy for them to keep their criteria, affordability, and products up-to-date and accurate.

Today we’re proud to offer access to an ever-growing panel of lenders from Halifax to Penrith Building Society and everything in between.  Our lender panel provides access to banks, building societies, mainstream and specialist lenders, giving you options for every of type of client, no matter what their circumstance.

Advisers who use our Criteria tool can access 110 lenders across Residential, Buy-to-Let, Later Life, Bridging and Second Charge.

Our Affordability tool, replicates, and stores lender affordability rules from a growing panel of 55 Residential and Buy-to-Let lenders.  To ensure accuracy, the process of adding a lender to our affordability tool is a rigorous one, involving testing and contracts from both parties. We’re proud that our tech is trusted by all of our lenders and many have chosen to use it on their own website.

And finally, our Sourcing tool provides access to products from 86 lenders across Residential and Buy-to-Let. Along with the ability to download compliant ESIS, Illustrations (non-regulated BTL) and Evidence of Research docs from 76 of them. * 

Adding more lenders and lending types to our affordability and sourcing tools, will continue to be, one of our top priorities for SmartrFit in 2023. New lenders and their lending types, are added to SmartrFit on a regular basis, so please keep an eye out for our announcements via email, LinkedIn and in the trade press.  In fact, you can read our latest press release about all the lenders and their lending types we’ve recently added here.

When we quote our lender numbers, it’s important to note that are numbers are subject to change (but mostly in a positive way), and that we count lenders and not lending types at SmartrFit. 

To find out more about the lenders on SmartrFit, you can visit our website.

If you’ve found this blog valuable, don’t forget to look out for our second blog that will answer, how we ensure SmartrFit is kept accurate and up to date.

Until then – if you would like to give SmartrFit a try on your next case – you can log in here.

*Lender numbers as of January 2023