Getting the right message, the right imagery – not to mention the right “call to action”; marketing can be tricky to get right in a small firm. When you’re trying to balance the books, talk to clients and do everything else it takes to run a business, it can be difficult to find the time to spend on marketing effectively.  

We’ve created some useful marketing templates for posters, letters, LinkedIn InMail and emails to help you build your client base and professional connections. Download and customise our materials below with your own details. 

Professional connections templates

Good word of mouth and trusted referrals remain key parts of any business’s success. If you’re looking to expand your professional network but unsure where to begin, our templates can help you get the conversation started.

Download templates

When using these templates 

Please note that these promotional materials are only suggested templates to support your marketing activities. We recommend that any promotional materials are checked by your Compliance team. 

The content is your responsibility and you must ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are considered before sending to your clients or prospective clients. 

No party shall have any right of action against Legal & General in relation to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in these materials, or any other written or oral information made available in connection with these materials. 

Nothing in this Information constitutes financial and/or investment advice.

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