The following calculators have been designed to assist in the advice process. 

Relevant Life Plan calculator
Use this calculator to demonstrate the cost savings of using a Relevant Life Plan compared to a non Relevant Life Plan policy.

Business valuation calculator (XLS - 101KB)

This will help you to agree a potential business valuation based on average net profits and net assets. In addition, the individual business owners and their respective share holdings can also be completed to give an indication of the potential sums assured needed for each.

Key person calculator (XLS - 81KB)

This calculator will help you recommend an appropriate level of cover that's required for a key person, either through the impact on the loss of profits or in relation to the cost of replacing the key person.

Premium equalisation calculator (XLS - 96KB)

This calculator will help show how directors, partners or members can share the overall premium costs between them, according to their individual share in the business.

Decreasing term calculator

Use this calculator to find out the amount we could pay in the event of a successful claim, at each interest rate to help make it simpler to match your clients needs.

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