Reinstate your client's Direct Debit

We’ve made the reinstatement process easier for you if your client's premiums are in arrears or their direct debit has bounced. This quick and simple online process will help to:

  • Save time
  • Increase your reinstatement success rate
  • Provide better and more efficient service to your clients.

All you need to do is:

  • Click on the 'REINSTATE DIRECT DEBIT' link on the right
  • Input the policy number and account details.

We will write to your client within the next seven days to confirm:

  • The reinstatement will take place
  • Their direct debit collection details.

If there are any issues with the reinstatement a member of our services team will contact you via email or phone. We should then be able to reinstate your client’s policy and collect any missed premiums.

Has the client been advised that their policy is at risk of being cancelled?

We will cancel a policy and the client will not be permitted to reinstate after 3 months of outstanding premium. 

Your client will receive a letter from Legal & General to indicate what requirements are needed to reinstate. 

After this initial warning letter, your client will receive a final letter stating that they need to contact us within 14 days in order to restart the policy. You will still be able to use this process to reinstate as long as your client’s details are provided within the 14 days stated in the letter. 

If the 14 days have expired, this will mean that the policy has been cancelled and it therefore cannot be reinstated. To discuss your client’s options if their policy has been cancelled, please speak to your usual Legal & General contact. 

Has the policy already been cancelled?

If your client’s policy has been cancelled, you will not be able to reinstate it.  Please speak to your usual Legal & General contact to discuss your client’s options. 

Retention - It's worth it

£22 million worth of client claims were paid in 2011 as a direct result of lapsed policy notifications and reinstatement.

A simple reinstatement process is just one of the retention tools we can offer you. Our retention website can give you sales process tools and techniques to increase long term client retention by reducing not proceeded with cases, cancellations and lapses. If a client does lapse or cancel their policy our Early Warning System (EWS), which is a market leading tool, will identify these policies and notify you within 72 hours. This gives you the opportunity to recapture them, saving their protection and your commission.