Business Protection

The principles of business protection are similar to any other type of protection.

We offer four main types of business protection:

  • Key Person Protection (profit protection)
  • Partner/Director/Limited Liability Partnership Share Protection
  • Business Loan Protection
  • Relevant Life Plan

Business protection is available on our online protection application system OLP Connect which includes split sums assured for term and CIC and premium discounts for multiple product sales.

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CII accredited video - Understanding share protection

We’ve just launched our latest business protection CII accredited training video – Protecting Key Persons. Working with Asset TV, this video, explained by Richard Kateley and Stuart Halliwell discuss the implications of having no protection in place, working with a solicitor and why to choose this market.

State of the Nation SME report

We continue to lead the way in business protection research and our latest report, ‘State of the Nation’s SMEs’ gives an insight into UK businesses and how unprotected they really are, showing an important need for sound financial advice.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the potential financial risks UK businesses could face and with our award winning support, how you can begin to educate your clients and capitalise on the opportunities available.

Between us, let's get SMEs assured in 2017.


Our videos can help you in your approach with business owners.

CII Accredited

Working together with Asset TV we have produced a series CII accredited business protection training videos.

Business owner testimonials

We interviewed two business owners to get their views and thoughts on many different aspects of business protection. One of the business owners had a CIC claim for a stroke.

Adviser testimonial

We interviewed a financial adviser with over 25 years experience. He talks about working in the business protection market and gives his views on our proposition.