Business Quality

Our Distribution Quality Management (DQM) programme is designed to address different aspects of your protection business. That’s why our experts offer to visit you at your office. They’ll discuss business models, retention strategies and online tools that can work together for you and your clients, helping save you time and money.

Dqm’s business quality programme can help

  • Warn you of potential policy lapses and cancellations, so you can keep them to a minimum
  • Improve application quality with accurate client information
  • Identify inefficient practices and offer you improved work processes
  • Maintain long-term relationships with client retention strategies
  • Award your business for good practice through our exclusive Business Quality Awards
  • Improving the knowledge and competency across the business with our new TrainSMART 2.0 CBT.

As a result of our industry first Early Warning System (EWS), we have helped received 380 claims from individuals who have benefited from the EWS, and since 2010 Legal & General has paid out a total of £201 million from 2,665 claims as a direct result of the introduction of the system. So, we can help you reduce client and commission loss and most importantly, help those who need protection the most.

If you want to know more, read our brochure , it’s packed full of best practice ideas that can help you improve or save today. Remember, if you want more information, just contact your relationship manager.

Read our Business Quality brochure


This online application is free to use, helping improve knowledge of Legal & General services, systems and processes, aimed at developing better practice and improved customer outcomes.

TrainSMART tests on five key subject areas Legal & General product knowledge, pre-sale application, point of sale and completing the application, post-sale and maintaining contact and improving client loyalty. The software aims to assist advisers by reducing the potential for errors and application re-works, and thus improve a customer’s experience through more coherent and professional sales interviews.

If you want to start using TrainSMART please contact you relationship manager.

Read our TrainSMART brochure