Customer Testimonials

There when it counts

Clients take out cover with the hope that they and their loved ones will never need to rely on it. Sadly this is not always the case and we want to share with you some real life experiences of our protection customers.

Matt's story

Matt, a self-employed mortgage and protection adviser, talks about the impact on his family when his son, Lewis, was diagnosed with leukaemia at three-years-old.

Legal & General paid out on both his and his wife’s Children’s Critical Illness Benefit, helping Matt keep the family home and focus on Lewis’s recovery. We were glad to be able to help at a time when he needed it most

William's story

William is a self-employed father of two. When his daughter, Summer, was two and a half she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

We were there to pay out on his Children’s Critical Illness Benefit when William needed us. We value every customer and we really are in the business of paying claims.

Leighton's story 

Leighton is a self-employed photographer with a young family and in 2011 he was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Leighton had a critical illness policy with Legal & General and here he tells us how a smooth claims process and payout made a real difference to him and his family at a difficult time.

George's story

George's father-in-law, John, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012. George had to check his finances and found John had a Critical Illness policy with Legal & General.

He contacted the claims department and spoke to Clare, a Legal & General claims assessor. She was able to process and get the claim paid before John sadly passed away a few month after his diagnosis.

Caroline and Brian's story

Caroline and Brian have been married for many years and have a teenage son. When Brian suffered a permanent disabling injury to his back they claimed on their mortgage payment insurance.

Our claims handler discovered that they also had a critical illness cover policy. Whilst waiting for the claim to go through, we also began the process to see if we could pay out on the £30,000 critical illness policy.  We could, so we did. They were thrilled.

Susan's Story

When Susan suffered a devastating fall, she was faced with not only the challenge of recuperating but also the challenge of paying her bills and her mortgage.

One day whilst looking through her paperwork she realised she had a Legal & General policy.