Caroline and Brian's story

Caroline and Brian's story video

Meet Caroline and Brian

Caroline and Brian have been married for many years and have a teenage son. When Brian suffered a permanent disabling injury to his back they claimed on their mortgage payment insurance. Our claims handler discovered that they also had a critical illness cover policy. Whilst waiting for the claim to go through, we also began the process to see if we could pay out on the £30,000 critical illness policy.  We could, so we did. They were thrilled.


So Caroline, what did being able to claim mean to you?

We were living on what I earned. I work full time myself, as well as caring for Brian. So we lived on what I earned, and it was extremely difficult because we had a lot of corners to cut. We went from a family that was pretty well off - we had an extremely comfortable lifestyle, a lovely home, we each had a car at the time and our son wanted for nothing, basically, to a life where we were counting every penny. I work in finance and trying to get the books to balance wasn’t very easy at times, and there were times we were robbing Peter to pay Paul. Thank god nothing went behind but it was a huge, huge struggle.

It takes it’s toll on the whole family, so from my point of view it means I didn’t have to worry about the roof over our heads, because whenever I was paying for the mortgage out of what I earned, I mean I know £147 a month is not a great deal, but it is a great deal if you don’t have it. That is such a relief, such a weight off our shoulders so it really was a lifesaver, it truly, truly was.

How did you feel during the claims process?

Alex rang me up to say that the claim was going ahead and that there was decreasing life insurance, which I’d totally forgotten about to be brutally honest. Because when we took out the claim initially, the decreasing life and the mortgage protection was all on the one insurance, and to be honest I read it and when I came out but I put away all the papers and I’d totally forgotten abut it. I knew my mortgage was protected, and at that particular time that was all really that was important to me.

So I hadn’t even thought at all about the lump sum on the decreasing mortgage so it was a lovely surprise, an absolutely wonderful surprise. And I thought well that’s my son’s education taken care of now if he needs to go to uni, well he is going to uni hopefully, so that’s helped him through school so we’re both happy.

Caroline, what does Legal & General mean to you now?

Legal & General to me now, at the moment, means it basically gave us a lot of freedom that we can relax and we don’t have to worry about the roof over our heads anymore. At least we’re secure in that knowledge that no matter what happens, nobody can take our home away from us. So from that point of view and that perspective it’s been fantastic.

Regarding the lump sum of the decreasing life insurance, I mean that was an added bonus to us. It really came as a bolt out of the blue because we hadn’t expected it, so that really and truly was the icing on the cake, so thank you Legal & General!