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George's father in-law John was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012. George had to check his finances and found John had a Critical Illness policy with Legal & General. He contacted the claims department and spoke to Clare, a Legal & General claims assessor who was able to process and get the claim paid before John sadly passed away a few month after his diagnosis.


I was very impressed because the claim was dealt with very quickly and there was one person to talk to at Legal & General, which was Clare and she was brilliant and she was always calling me, I wasn’t calling her all the time, she would call and update me on the process of the claim and to be honest I really couldn’t ask for more than that.

John was a family relative, he had been ill for quite a while and then sometime in May he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was very, very quickly bed ridden.

I was dealing with his affairs at the time as he couldn’t, he was not in any state to even think about it and I don’t think he actually knew he actually had this policy and I found it in all his papers and then started the process immediately with Legal & General.

It just relieved that extra worry of oh we haven’t got much money in the bank and they didn’t have much money in the bank. We had to spend a bit of money around the house making it right for him, and do quite a lot of stuff making it comfortable where he was and that we could look after him in the way he needed to be in the last couple of months of his life.

I thought Legal & General with their one point of contact and calling me rather than me having to call them was very good and I was really impressed with the service we got from them.

I actually took the trouble to write to Clare to and thank her for what she’d done because she was always calling me and keeping me up to date all the time and it was only a small claim, but none the less it was dealt with as though it was a large claim, which was really good.

This case has proved that although it was life insurance with critical illness but the fact that the critical illness was there, you cant really say don’t have it can you, you’ve got to have it. After an experience like that, yes I would have no hesitation in recommending them at all, no none at all.