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Leighton is a self employed photographer with a young family and in 2011 he was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Leighton had a critical illness policy with Legal & General and here he tells us how a smooth claims process and payout made a real difference to him and his family at a difficult time.


Hi, my names Leighton Morris and I’m a self-employed professional photographer based in South Wales. I’m married and have a three and half year old boy.

Early part of 2011 I was just slowly, sort of going down hill in the way of health wise. I went in, I was going to say for routine checks but it wasn’t routine checks at all because it was at the tail end of a lot of examinations regarding my health thinking I had Crohns disease and I was actually diagnosed with bowel cancer, which everyone else thinks argh but for myself it was a massive weight off my shoulders in all honesty because I had just got to a point where I just couldn’t carry on.

Paid off the large proportion of the mortgage, cleared debts and just able to invest in my business a little bit more and put some aside for a rainy day, hopefully nothing else should happen health wise but it is there to help out if needs be.

I will tell you a little story, the actual day that I had the phone call to say yes my policy, claim had gone through and been accepted I was driving to a job and no word of a lie I looked up at the sky and said I could seriously do with a little windfall. 

Two hours later I had the phone call from the office. I’ve tried that a couple of times since but it hasn’t worked, but because I’d had to take three or four months off work, financially it wasn’t the easiest but when I was recovering and had the operation it was a case of put it to one side and I will sort it out later sort of thing so it’s just strange that things happen for a reason.

I was more than surprised, from the sort of first proper call I had phone calls along the way to let me know it had got to the next process but I did have one lady that was that point of call and every time it was her that spoke to me. I had the phone call on the Monday saying the claim had gone through.

I always put insurance there, but it would always be barebones minimum but when you become a father you sort of see life in a little bit of a different way so I’d like to say I didn’t have to have a payout but at least the cover was there so it was silly not to have it.

In fairness I did feel compared to insurance policies I already had with different provider it was very competitive and worthwhile in doing.