Business Protection Tools

Here are some tools you may find useful

Business Valuation Calculator

There are many ways of valuing a business and the purpose of this calculator is to aid discussions that may help you arrive at a reasonable figure.

For a representative amount simply input:

  • average net profits
  • net assets
  • select an appropriate multiple based on the guidance notes given. 

In addition the individual business owners and their respective share holdings can also be completed which will provide a guide to the sums assured needed for each.

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Business Protection Key Person Calculator

This calculator can help you to decide on an appropriate level of cover for a key person, either through the impact on the loss of profits or in relation to the cost of replacing the key person.

Simply input the:

  • client’s name
  • sum assured
  • annual premium

and the calculator will work out the possible cover needed.

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Business Protection Premium Equalisation Calculator

This calculator can help directors or partners share the overall premium costs between them, according to their individual share in the business. 

Simply input the:

  • name of your client’s business
  • name of each partner or director
  • sums assured
  • quoted premiums

and the calculator will work out the equalised premium for each individual. 

Once completed, click the print button to print off the details. Assuming directors or partners wish to address the issue and distribute costs fairly, the premium equalisation calculator will help to calculate a fair distribution of premiums.

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