Existing Business Hub

This free tool could help you to save missed protection premiums and enable your client’s to stay protected.

We recognise how easily clients can be lost through simple administrative errors or by you not being informed of a change in bank details. This could be due to:

  • a bounced or cancelled direct debit.
  • where the policy has been lapsed.
  • circumstances where the policy is cancelled from outset.

let our Existing Business Hub help solve this problem by:

  • Telling you of potential client, policy and commission losses and giving you the requirements to reinstate the policy
  • Providing notifications daily through OLPC and within 72 hours of Direct Debits failing.
  • Giving you secure online access with 12 weeks data always on view·
  • Downloading reports into Excel or database.

This also ensures your clients receive a more personalised and valued service from you