Critical Illness Extra

Critical Illness Extra is available at an extra cost. Your clients will be covered for the illnesses available under Critical Illness Extra and Critical Illness Cover.

Critical Illness Extra includes a total of 95 conditions which includes 53 full payment conditions and 37 additional payments.

Children's Critical Illness Extra and Legal & General GP24 are available for an additional cost.

Please note children are only covered for the conditions under Critical Illness Cover and not additional illnesses (full and additional payments) listed under Critical Illness Extra.

Surgical treatment 

We will make an advance payment of the amount of cover if the life insured is placed on an NHS waiting list for one of the specified surgical treatments and meet the full definition:

  • aorta graft surgery
  • coronary artery bypass grafts
  • heart valve replacement or repair
  • open heart surgery
  • peripheral vascular disease
  • pulmonary artery surgery
  • severe Crohn's disease
  • syringomyelia or syringobulbia
  • ulcerative colitis

Full definitions for these surgical treatments are detailed in the Policy Booklet, available in the Key Documents box on this page.

Limitations and exclusions apply