Life Insurance

  • Life Insurance policies are designed to pay out a lump sum if your client dies within the plan duration. 
  • The amount of cover and period of cover can be chosen to suit the needs of your client.
  • Terminal Illness Cover is included at no extra cost.
  • Flexibility to choose joint or single cover.
  • Critical Illness Cover or Critical Illness Extra are available as an option for an additional cost.
  • If Critical Illness Cover or Critical Illness Extra are taken as an option there is a choice between guaranteed and reviewable premiums.
  • A choice of level, decreasing or increasing policies.
  • Increasing policies will increase in line with the changes in the Retail Prices Index (RPI) subject to a maximum of 10%. The premium increases in line with the change in the RPI multiplied by 1.5 subject to a maximum increase of 15% per annum. The RPI provides an indication of inflation on a monthly basis. The RPI measures and tracks the average change in the purchase price of goods and services such as housing expenses and mortgage interest payments. If changes to the RPI are 1% or less then the premium and amount of cover will stay the same until the next review.

Limitations and exclusions apply.