Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan

Help your clients plan for tomorrow then live for today

Legal & General are working in partnership with Dignity, one of the UK's leading providers of funeral related services, to bring you the Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan.

How the Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan can benefit you and your clients

A Funeral plan is an important part of the financial and Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning process for your clients aged 50 and over. The Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan guarantees to cover the costs and arrangements of the cremation funeral services as specified in the plan.

The features and benefits of the plan are explained up-front so that your client knows exactly what they are purchasing and the associated benefits of prearranging their funeral in advance. Should the client want to customise their funeral plan they can add in extra requirements, known as 'Special Requests'. There is no administration charge for adding to or changing their 'Special Requests' at any time however, some requests may incur additional costs for example adding an organist at the service or a memorial.

The Prepaid Funeral Plan is accessible for many budgets and can be paid as a single payment or by monthly instalments making it convenient for your client. Both the registration and application process is simple and straightforward and you have the opportunity to earn commission for every plan you sell.

The Prepaid Funeral Plan is not a life insurance contract or financial services products and is not therefore provided by Legal & General and is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The plan is offered by Dignity Pre Arrangement Limited who are a member of the Funeral Planning Authority.

How the Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan can benefit you and your clients:

  • Straightforward sale process - Secure online registration process. Business can either be submitted via the online transaction site or via post using Prepaid Funeral Plan Multi Application (CW1771).
  • Financial planning sense - The plan is not generally subject to inheritance tax and not generally considered part of an estate in assessments for long-term care.
  • Sales support - Full suite of adviser and customer facing literature which you can access and download (in PDF only). The literature is available to download from the Key Documents box to the right. To register with Dignity today visit the Dignity Adviser Registration website.

The Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan is not an investment product and not an Over 50s Life Insurance Plan. It is a way to guarantee to cover the costs of the cremation funeral service specified in the plan and secure the services of a Funeral Director at today's prices.

See at a glance how the Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan differs from an Over 50s Fixed Life Insurance Plan

Features Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan Over 50s Fixed Life Insurance Plan
Guaranteed to cover the cost of the cremation funeral service as specified in the plan Yes  No 
Guaranteed to be unaffected by drops in interest rates and changes in inflation  Yes  No 
Guaranteed that your client will never pay more than the cost of the plan to receive the services specified within the plan  Yes  No 
Helps relieve the stress for loved ones at a difficult time by having the funeral arrangements already in place   Yes  No 
The money is protected in an independent trust fund with a published annual report Yes  No 

Register with Dignity today

It's quick and easy to register and you only need to do it once. Simply visit the Dignity Adviser Registration website. As part of the registration process you'll need to supply your bank details as you will be paid commission by Dignity. You'll receive a password within 24 hours. Then you're ready to start offering your clients this additional product.

Doing business with Dignity

Dignity Terms and Conditions (PDF: 160KB)

If you are a network member please ensure that you are able to hold direct agencies outside your network agreement. Alternatively, please confirm with your network that you are able to write this type of non regulated business under your current network agreement. 

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