Children's Critical Illness Cover

Children's Critical Illness Cover is automatically included with all non-business Critical Illness Cover plans at no extra cost.

  • Children are covered for all the conditions listed except for total and permanent disability; and, if the condition was present at birth, or the symptoms first arose before the child was covered, or if death occurs within 10 days of diagnosis of a critical illness.
  • A 10 day survival period applies to Children’s Critical Illness Cover.
  • The cover for each child lasts while each child is aged from 30 days up to their 22nd birthday during the plan term.
  • The maximum amount we pay for a child who has what we define as a critical illness is 50% of the amount of cover up to a maximum of £25,000, or for FPIP policies 60 times the chosen monthly benefit, up to a maximum of £25,000.
  • We’ll only pay one claim for each child. Cover will continue for the insured person and their other children (if any). Once we’ve accepted two claims, children’s critical illness cover will end.
  • If your client has more than one plan that includes Critical Illness Cover with us, and makes a valid claim under children's cover, the maximum amount we'll pay out under all policies will be £50,000 per child.

Additional benefits included in Children's Critical Illness Cover:

Child Accident Hospitalisation Benefit

We will pay £5,000 if a child is admitted to hospital with physical injuries for a minimum of 28 consecutive days, immediately following an accident. Physical injury must have resulted solely and directly from unforeseen, external, violent and visible means and must be independent from any other cause.

We will only pay this benefit if the accident doesn't result in us paying out under Children's Critical Illness Cover as described above.

We will only pay one claim per child, to a maximum of two children. If the same child is covered by more than one policy issued by us, we will pay a maximum of £10,000 for that child under this benefit.

Childcare Benefit

If we have paid a claim for critical illness under this policy and the insured person has a natural child, legally adopted child or step-child under 5 years old, we will pay up to £1,000 towards childcare with a registered childminder whilst the insured person recovers*.

*The payment will be made on acceptance of a receipt or proof of payment from the registered Childminder. This benefit covers childcare that takes place in the 18 months following the insured person's diagnosis. 

Family accommodation benefit

For every night a child spends in hospital, in the three months immediately following a diagnosis of one of our critical illnesses, we will pay £100 a night, up to a maximum of £1,000.

Child Funeral Benefit

On the death of a child, we will contribute £5,000 towards their funeral. Up to a maximum of two claims per policy. We will not pay the claim if:

  • The child's condition was present at birth.
  • The cause of death first arose before the child was covered.
  • We have paid a children's critical illness claim for the child already.