Children's Critical Illness Extra

An optional benefit available for non-business Critical Illness Cover plans that must be chosen at the start of the policy for an extra cost. If chosen, this replaces Children’s Critical Illness Cover. This benefit can be removed at any time during the period of cover, but cannot be added back to the policy.

What’s covered?

  • We'll cover a relevant child* or any future children from birth if, before the end of the policy, they're diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses covered.
  • We'll pay out 50% of the amount of cover to a maximum of £25,000.
  • If Family and Personal Income Plan is chosen, we'll pay out 60 times the chosen monthly benefit to a maximum of £25,000.
  • The amount of cover and premiums won't be affected if we make an additional payment.
  • There is no limit to the number of children who can be covered by the policy.
  • If the same relevant child is covered by more than one policy issued by us, we'll pay a maximum of £50,000 for that child.

What’s not covered?

Children won't be covered:

  • For Total and Permanent Disability.
  • For Terminal Illness Cover.
  • If the symptoms arose before the relevant child was covered.
  • If death occurs within 10 days of diagnosis of one of the critical illnesses covered.
  • If either parent was advised by a medical professional before the policy start date that the relevant child already had, or had an increased risk of developing the critical illness being claimed for. This includes advice which was received before the child was born. 

Additional benefits included for Children's Critical Illness Extra

Child Accident Hospitalisation Benefit

Pays £5,000 if a relevant child is admitted to hospital with physical injuries for a minimum of 28 consecutive days, immediately following an accident. Physical injury must have resulted solely and directly from unforeseen, external, violent and visible means and must be independent from any other cause.

Child Funeral Benefit

Contributes £5,000 towards the funeral of a relevant child.

Childcare Benefit

If we have paid a claim for Critical Illness Cover under the policy, for a natural child, legally adopted child or stepchild under 5 years old, we'll pay up to £1,000 towards childcare with a registered childminder.

Family Accommodation Benefit

Pays £100 for every night a relevant child spends in hospital, in the three months immediately following a diagnosis of one of our critical illnesses covered (up to a maximum of £1,000).

Children’s Terminal Illness

We'll pay £10,000 if the relevant child is diagnosed by a hospital consultant with an advanced or rapidly progressing incurable condition with a life expectancy of less than 12 months during the period of cover and survives for more than 10 days following the date of diagnosis.

We'll accept one claim per relevant child. Once we have accepted a claim, that relevant child will no longer be covered for any other benefits in the policy, except for the benefits under the heading above ‘Additional Benefits included for Children’s Critical Illness Extra’.

Additional illnesses included for Children's Critical Illness Extra

Benign spinal cord tumour resulting in either specified treatment or permanent symptoms       
Brain injury due to anoxia or hypoxiaresulting in permanent symptoms
Cerebral palsy 
Child's diabetes mellitus type 1with specified treatment 
Child's intensive care benefit requiring mechanical ventilation for 7 days
Crohn's disease treated with two surgical intestinal resections or total colectomy
Cystic fibrosis
Downs syndrome
Hydrocephalustreated with invasive surgery to the brain tissue
Muscular dystrophy
Spina bifida meningocele and myelomeningocele
Ulcerative colitis – with total colectomy


Please check the full definitions found in the policy booklet to see exactly what is covered. We’ll only pay out once for each additional illness.

*Relevant child definition
A natural child, legally adopted child or stepchild of the person covered, who is younger than 22 years old.