Second Medical Opinion Service

Second Medical Opinion service, which could give your clients added peace of mind from seeing an expert in the relevant field, should they need to make a claim on a condition covered under their policy.

The service provides:

  • Access to a database of Consultant Specialists throughout the UK.
  • A face-to-face consultation (telephone consultations will be considered if necessary)
    A supporting report which is sent to your client and their GP.
  • A contribution of up to £300 for the cost of the consultation (average consultation cost is £250).

Our service is provided and managed by Healix Health Services Ltd, a UK company employing over 90 fully qualified doctors and nurses. They manage and co-ordinate appointments, the transfer of medical records and billing arrangements.

Your clients can also be reassured that the service is completely confidential and independent, and no information will be shared between Legal & General and Healix.

For more information about this service please read our  Second Medical Opinion Service Adviser Flyer  PDF: 69KB  .

Please see the Second Medical Opinion Service Client Flyer   PDF: 301KB  for more details on what is and is not covered.

Terms & Conditions

To use our Second Medical Opinion service a claim must be made for a terminal illness, or one of our specified critical illnesses listed on the your client’s policy.  For Income Protection Benefit this means that they must meet our definition of incapacity.

The service will be included on all new policies taken out from 29 June 2015.  These include; Life Insurance (Terminal Illness Cover); Critical Illness Cover; Family and Personal Income Plans; Income Protection Benefit Plan; (excluding Relevant Life Plans and Whole of Life Protection Plans).

If your policy is;

  • A Life Insurance, Family and Personal Income Plan(s), Business Protection, the service can be used once.
  • A Critical Illness Cover, the service can be used once. If Children’s Critical Illness Cover is included on a policy the service can be used once per child up to a maximum of two children per policy.
  • An Income Protection Benefit Plan, the service can be used up to two times per policy.

Legal & General will contribute up to £300 (average consultation cost is £250) for the cost of the face to face consultation. In the event the consultation costs more than this, your client will need to fund the remaining balance. Legal & General will not pay for any travel costs. Healix will select a range of specialists from their panel and communicate the costs of each to the your client before a decision is made on who to select.

Please note: our Second Medical Opinion service is not compulsory.