Whole of Life Protection Plan

Planning for the future is not to be taken lightly.

Your clients may want to protect their wealth and help ensure their families are provided for when they die. We also understand that talking to your clients about Estate Planning is not always easy.

In today’s unsure economic climate there are solutions that can offer some certainty. Our Whole of Life Protection Plan could be just one simple and effective solution.

  • A life insurance policy designed to cover your client for the whole of their life.
  • Available on single or joint life.
  • Pays out a lump sum on death. If joint life the clients can choose at outset for the lump sum to be paid out on first or second death.
  • Options which can be chosen at outset for additional cost are Waiver of Premium and Indexation.
  • Premiums are guaranteed throughout duration unless Indexation has been chosen.
  • Could help provide financial security for the life insured's dependants.
  • Could help mitigate any potential Inheritance Tax liability.
  • Cover can be increased during the policy without any further underwriting. Terms and conditions apply.

Whole of Life Protection Plan – Overview

Limitations and exclusions apply.