Medical Underwriting Technical Advice Line (MUTAL)

The Medical Underwriting Technical Advice Line (MUTAL) is a team of underwriters who provide detailed explanations and answers to your pre-sale underwriting queries.

For example:

  • help with residency queries
  • medical concerns
  • unusual occupations and hobbie

Access to our underwriting technical consultants to discuss your case prior to submission and help you manage your customers through this process.

As a valued adviser working with us, we realise the importance of providing you with an excellent level of underwriting technical support.

We will advise whether an application is likely to be accepted, rated or postponed/declined.  Also what additional information we are likely to ask for to allow us to underwrite a case*.

To assist in this process where appropriate please provide the following:

  • Date - When did it happen?
  • Diagnosis - What was wrong?
  • Drugs -  Name and dosage?
  • Duration - How long did the illness/condition last?
  • Unique reference number

Each call is logged and you will be given a unique reference number. This number can be used to refer back to this call at any time in the future.

If you would prefer to email us your enquiry, you can do so at

To help the MUTAL team provide effective point of sale information, please refer any other queries to your existing new business areas via your usual contact methods.

All calls are recorded for monitoring and training purposes.

*The final outcome of an application is subject to medical evidence gathered at the underwriting stage.