Getting a quote

Can I use OLP Connect for my client's family protection, mortgage protection and business protection needs?

Yes.  OLP Connect includes family protection, mortgage protection and business protection products, which you can apply for on their own or in any combination, entering the client’s main details only once.

Which products can I quote and apply for?

You can quote and apply for mortgage, family or business protection. The products available online are:

  • Life insurance
  • Decreasing life insurance
  • Increasing life insurance
  • Life insurance with critical illness cover
  • Decreasing life insurance with critical illness cover
  • Increasing life insurance with critical illness cover
  • Family and personal income plan life cover
  • Increasing family and personal income plan
  • Family and personal income plan life and critical illness cover
  • Increasing family and personal income plan life and critical illness cover
  • Family and personal income plan critical illness cover
  • Income protection benefit
  • Relevant life plan
  • Increasing relevant life plan
  • Critical illness cover (reviewable)
  • Decreasing illness cover (reviewable)
  • Increasing critical illness cover (reviewable)


Can I use OLP Connect to produce quotes?

Yes. OLP Connect allows you to have total control and flexibility when producing quotes. Please see our step by step guide - OLPc - getting a quote


Do I receive better premium rates online?

Yes. The premium quoted on an OLP connect personal quote will be subject to change if the application is not submitted electronically, using legal & general's online protection system (OLP connect) or other approved electronic application platform. Therefore to achieve the best rates please quote and apply online.

What is the minimum premium available online?

The minimum premium for multi product quotes in OLP connect is £4 per product (after discount). The single product minimum premium is £6.

Can I quote based on fixed premium, rather than a fixed sum assured?

Yes you can.  In OLP connect you can base your quote on a known sum assured, or on a known premium and let the system calculate the sum assured for you.

portal quotes

If I click through to OLP connect from my portal quote, will the data populate automatically?

Yes it will.  The basic client(s) data and the details of the quote you clicked through from will transfer into OLP connect.  You may have to re-confirm the client’s smoker status.

How do I quote for more than one product for the same client?

Click here (pdf) to find out how.

Once i've clicked through from a portal, can I add further products for the same client?

Yes absolutely.  You can select from any of the family, mortgage or business protection products in OLP connect, and add them to your quotes, without having to re-enter the client details.  The more products you purchase in a single application, the more premium discount is applied.

Can my client get a discount on their premiums if they apply for multiple products?

Getting a discount is easy. Just quote and apply for two or more products within the same application to qualify for the multi product discounts in OLP connect. Discounts also apply where another life in the application applies for their own protection products.

Please note from the quote results screen, you can select and de-select products you wish to include in the total quote. The total premium for all selected products is shown, including any discount. The premium shown for each selected product will also incorporate the discount.

Once an underwriting decision on the application has been reached, the discount applies to all products that you accept the terms being offered. At the decision section, you can accept or reject the terms being offered.

The premium shown for each accepted product (both on-screen and on the personal quote available via the pdf link) will also incorporate the discount.

How much discount can my client get for applying online for multple products?

The discount amount is £2.00 per month per additional product. The final discount amount is split equally between all the products/lives applied for.

Where is the discount amount displayed?

The discount amount and the new discounted premium figure is displayed on the quote results screen.

What is 'split sum assured' and how can it help my client?

Split sum assured gives you the ability to meet your clients needs more easily, meaning they only take out and pay for the cover they need. Following advice, if the client needs different amounts of life and critical illness cover, then this can be met on a split sum assured basis either additional or accelerated.

decreasing life insurance interest rates

What are the loan interest rates available online for decreasing term?

For new business you can select 7%, 8%, 9% and 10% interest rates to help align with your clients borrowing rates for mortgage or commercial loans. Our online calculatorcan help you work out how much a plan could potentially pay out at each interest rate in the event of a client’s claim.

Do I have to re-enter the loan interest rate for decreasing term if I had a portal quote?

No, any rates you have selected on a portal will be automatically transferred direct into OLP connect, saving you time. You can however change this easily via the ‘product details’ screen in OLP connect if required.

Will I earn better commission online?

Yes. If you enter an application online instead of sending it on paper, we pay better commission rates. You earn an extra 10% lautro commission for submitting the business online compared to a paper application.

Can I sacrifice some or all of my commission in OLP connect?

Yes you can, please click here (pdf) to find out how.

I get my commission statements as an edi data feed. Is OLP connect compatible with it?

Yes.  The commission you earn by applications submitted on OLP connect will appear in your commission statements, whether you receive them in paper or electronic format.

I've quoted the wrong product, how do I correct it?

You can change the sum assured, term, rider benefits etc. On the product details screen.  If it’s completely the wrong product, just navigate back to the product selection screen and add the correct product.  Once you get to the quote results screen, remember to de-select the incorrect product before you continue into the application.

household gi (general insurance)

Can I add a general insurance (gi) quote to a product application? 

If you’re registered to sell gi products, an ‘add gi’ button will be displayed on the customer summary screen. If you are creating a new gi quote for a new client, select the ‘create new gi application’ link on the homepage.