Managing your application


How do I search for a particular application?

From the olp connect homepage you can search for your clients’ cases, whether they’re at the quote stage, their application is in progress, is submitted or even completed and on risk.  You can search using any of the criteria on the homepage, on their own or in combination find out more.

How do I search for certain criteria of pipeline?

From the olp connect homepage, rather than searching by client details for a particular application, you can bring up a list of all of your cases at a certain status, or that have changed in the last few days, or that are ready to start. Find out more.

What are power searches and how can they help me?

To make olp connect easier to use, we provide links on the homepage to the most popular searches so you can access them at a single click. We call these power searches. Find out more.

Tracking the progress of your applications

How do I see what's outstanding for my client's application to progress?

On the application summary screen, you can see what evidence and items of information are outstanding, as well as when we’re next due to review or reissue them.  For more details, take a look at this quick reference guide to viewing outstanding requirements.

How do I see the policy number(s) for each product in my client's application?

You can see the policy number for each product once you have submitted the application, regardless of the current status. If it’s not shown under ‘product details’ click the ‘application history’ link and scroll to the bottom of the audit trail.  The policy number is shown for each product in the application.  (the product numbers follow the order they appeared on the quote results screen, so if you’re in any doubt which is which, just navigate back to that screen to check).

Once the policy is on risk and the status is ‘live’, the policy number is shown under ‘product details’.

I've registered for the 'proposal tracking' data feed. Will that include olp connect applications?

Yes.  Our proposal tracking service is designed to be fully compatible with olp connect to keep you up to date with your protection applications.


Can I update the correspondence preferences on an individual application without altering the preferences already set?

Please see our step-by-step guide.

Does my client get a hard copy of the application to check?

Once an application has been submitted and an underwriting decision has been made, we will send to each client a copy of all the answers they have provided. 

Where the life insured will own the policy, we’ll automatically set up a portal for each customer called ‘my account’.  When the policy is complete, the customer will be prompted by email to log on securely to access key information about their policy.

In the customer portal they will be able to view, download and print the following:

  • Personal quote
  • Policy summary
  • Policy booklet
  • Guide to critical illness cover (if they choose cic)
  • Smoothmove (if they’re moving home)
  • Personal details document.


What documentation is available to print?

See our step-by-step guide.

How can I print a copy of an application after I've submitted it?

See our step-by-step guide.

How do I print the personal quote?

You can print the personal quote in either the quote results section or the decision section.  By expanding the product table, you can select the personal quote and print as usual.

How can I obtain a trust form?

You can get a trust form from our personal trust hub.

My client's application has been rated. How do I get the rated quote?

Follow the steps in the screenshot.

How do I print the offer letter (acceptance terms)?

An offer letter isn’t always generated (if the application is accepted at normal terms per the original quote and there is a start date in place, or auto buy is selected, and the direct debit details are in place, the policy will go on risk automatically without an offer letter being generated).

If it is generated, it will be available to view, print or reissue from the outbound correspondence page.  See this step-by-step guide for more details.

Making changes

Can I change the details I've already submitted?

Yes. You can change the details you have previously entered  at any time, so long as none of the products within the application have been put on risk.


Since my original quote date, I think legal & general have changed their premium rates. Can I update my client's application so they benefit from the new rates?

As long as their policy isn’t on risk yet, yes you can.

See our step-by-step guide.

Putting the application on risk

How do I enter the start date on a submitted application?

Please see our step-by-step guide to entering start dates.

How long is a quote valid?

All quotes on our olp connect system are valid for 90 days from the quote date. This means that the price for completed applications is based on the quote date rather than the start date as long as the customer starts the application process within 30 days of that quote date. There should be no need to backdate the start date, as premiums don't change due to an applicant passing a birthday.

For all quotes outside of olp connect (for example through a portal) the quote is stored for 30 days. However if you submit the quote to olp connect within the 30 days the quote will be valid for 90 days from the quote date.

This applies to all of our protection plans except for whole of life and over 50s plans. All premiums remain subject to underwriting where relevant. Once the quote has passed 90 days a new quote will be needed to proceed with the application.

Can I backdate the start date?

Yes, however there should be no need to backdate the start date, as premiums don't change due to an applicant passing a birthday.

NTU (Not Taken Up)

How do I 'ntu' an application?

Click here to find out how.

How do I reinstate a previously ntu'd application?

Click here to find out how.

How do I 'ntu' a product within an application?

Click here to find out how.