We understand that this is the moment of truth for our customers and the opportunity for us to stand behind the promises we make to pay valid claims.

We understand that this is a period of increased anxiety and stress for our clients and their families and so we promise:

  • Claims will be handled fairly.
  • Claimants will be treated sensitively.
  • Claims will be settled promptly.

Our claims payment record

In 2016 we paid over £606 million in claim payments to 12,000 of our customers.

That’s £64 million more than we paid out in 2015.

In fact we’ve paid out £2.6 billion in protection claims over the past five years to over 58,000 of our customers during a difficult time in their lives.

In 2016 we paid:

  • 98.6% of life claims paid out - £316.5 million
  • 92.56% of critical illness claims - £181 million
  • 94.2% of children’s critical illness claims - £1.8 million
  • 95.9% of terminal illness claims - £107 million
  • 94.4% of income protection claims - £1.2 million

Support for you

Our claims page has a range of marketing materials that you can use in discussion with your clients and where you’ll also be able to find out more in-depth claims figures for each product.