Access to your medical history

Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998

The DPA lays down rules on how your client's personal information may be used. It exists to protect your customers and gives them the right to access information about them held on either computer or paper files.

Access to Medical Records Act 1988 (AMRA)

The Access to Medical Records Act 1988 (AMRA) website enables any individual to have the right to access their medical records for employment or insurance purposes. The legislation also governs how we access clients medical records.

Clients are asked to provide signed consent enabling us to obtain a medical report. In doing so they can choose whether to view the report before their General Practitioner (GP) returns it to us.

Clients who do not wish to see their GP's Report

A letter of confirmation is sent to the client advising we have requested a Patient Health Report (PHR).

If a client doesn't wish to view the report, the GP will return it to us immediately on completion.

At any time in the 6 months after issue of the report, the client can legally still view the report and should contact their GP directly.

Clients who do wish to see their GP's Report

The client should be aware that this is likely to result in a delay with the underwriting of the application.

A letter of confirmation is sent to the client advising we have requested a Patient Health Report (PHR).

The client should then arrange to view the report at the GP's surgery within 21 days. If the report is not viewed within 21 days, the GP can send it back to us.

The client has three options:

Agree to the report being sent unaltered.
Refuse consent to the report being sent.
Request the GP to amend the report.

The GP has two options:

Refuse to amend the report - in which case the client can make additional notes beside the disputed comments.

Refuse access to medical records or part of them if, in his or her opinion, this is detrimental to the client's health or would reveal information about somebody else or reveal the identity of a third party.

There are other Acts relevant to Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man:

Access to Personal Files and Medical Reports for Northern Ireland Order 1991 website and,

The Isle of Man Access to Health Records and Reports Act 1993 (PDF: 3.75MB)