Power of Attorney

On occasion it is necessary for your client to grant Power of Attorney to a third party.

The Attorney is then able to conduct your client's (the donor's) affairs on their behalf, as specified in the Power of Attorney documents.

Protection contracts (all types)

The nature of an insurance application makes it unsuitable for completion by an Attorney. It is a contract of 'reasonable care' between your client and us and the Attorney is unlikely to possess the required personal knowledge to enable completion of the application form truthfully on behalf of the client.

We are therefore not able to allow an Attorney to complete an application on behalf of the client, nor will we allow an Attorney to sign a PDF file: Declaration of Health for New Business (W11173) PDF size: 71KB .

For life assurance, critical illness cover and/or health insurance policies in particular, it is unlikely that the Attorney would be able to provide full, up to date medical details. It is also likely that a doctor would be unwilling to provide confidential medical details on your client without their express consent therefore they would not accept the Attorney's signature as authority to proceed.

Key Points

A Power of Attorney is a legal document allowing one person the power to act on another persons behalf in relation to property or financial affairs.

We are not able to accept a Power of Attorney whilst an application is being underwritten for protection policies.

In order for us to deal with any policy alterations, surrenders or claims requested by the Attorney we will require sight of the Power of Attorney document.

The same will apply to any requests for information.