Hazardous activities

Our Underwriters may require additional information from your clients who take part in certain sports or pastimes to help them accurately assess any additional risk.

Where your client is involved in a hazardous activities, we need to know the following:

  • How many times they will take part each year.
  • How often they take part (eg weekly/monthly/twice a year on holiday)
  • Where (if abroad confirm which countries).
  • Qualifications and club memberships.
  • The type, size and their involvement in any races with regards to motor sports.
    The depth and types of any diving.

For the potential underwriting decision please see the relevant item under 'Key documents'.

Adverse terms

An increased premium and/or an exclusion specific to the sport or pastime may be applied to your client's application.

Full disclosure on the application form will enable speedier underwriting and accurate terms.

Hazardous Activities Questionnaires

Hazardous Activities Questionnaires are available and may either be completed and sent in at the same time as a new application or requested by an underwriter if insufficient information is available for a decision to be made.

For the Hazardous Activities Questionnaires, please go to literature library.