Medical Underwriting Technical Advice Line (MUTAL)

The Medical Underwriting Technical Advice Line (MUTAL) provides detailed explanations and answers to your pre-sale underwriting queries.

We will advise whether an application is likely to be accepted, rated or postponed/declined. We can advise what additional information we are likely to ask for in order for us to underwrite a case 

To assist you further we have created a MUTAL underwriting support guide PDF file: MUTAL underwriting support guide PDF size: 52KB

Access the MUTAL document library

Underwriting common queries

To see our underwriting philosophy and specific guidance on many common conditions visit our pages below.

Underwriting common queries

Age Sum Assured Limits Table

To check if any evidence would be required based on the amount of cover your client is applying for and any existing cover they have with us that is to remain in force please look at our limits document below.

PDF file: Medical evidence limit table – Correct as of April 2020 PDF size: 60KB  


For information on our philosophy on smoking please visit our page below.

If your client is using electronic cigarettes then they will be charged smoker rates if they have been used in the last 12 months.



For guidance on past and future travel visit please visit our Residency page.

Occupation guide

Our Occupation guide provides a list of occupations and their occupation classes.

PDF file: Occupation Class Guide (W7557) PDF size: 394KB  

If your client is looking to apply for Income Protection Benefit and is an occupation class 1 or 2, if they drive more than 20,000 business miles, this will affect the premium.

Height and weight and BMI calculator

For our philosophy on height and weight assessment please visit our Build page.

If your client's BMI is between 25 and 35, we will need to know their waist or dress size as this could affect the terms we can offer.

BMI Calculator

Business Protection calculators

Easy to use Calculators to help you work out the value of a Key Person, the value of a business and tax saving on a Relevant Life Plan.


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