Additional information

In order to provide your client with the best possible terms of cover and a fair premium, we may need to request further information. There are four types of information we could ask for:

Pastimes and or occupation

If your clients occupation or any pastimes they participate in are potentially hazardous, we may ask them to complete and return a simple questionnaire. You can find these documents in the Literature Library.

Financial information

Sometimes we may need financial information to ensure your clients cover is suitable for their needs and circumstances. This information could take the form of a financial questionnaire or declaration including full details of all existing policies that they may have.

Medical information

Depending on your clients age the amount of cover they have requested and any medical problems they mention on their application form, we may need additional medical information from them. We may ask for:

  • Patient Health Records (PHR) we may contact their doctor and ask for a report detailing their medical history or specific illnesses they have suffered. They have the right to review this report before it is sent to us.
  • General Practitioners (GP) Report we may contact their doctor and ask for a report detailing their medical history or specific illnesses they have suffered. They have the right to review this report before it is sent to us.
  • Nurse Screening we may ask a qualified nurse to visit them (either at home or at work - whichever they prefer) to carry out a short examination and undertake tests - for example urine, saliva or blood. We will provide them with full details beforehand if this applies.
  • Medical Examination by the Harley Street Doctors Group We may ask them to undergo a medical examination. If this is the case, a member of the Harley Street Doctors Group will contact them to arrange an appointment.

The Harley Street Doctors Group has over 14 years' experience in organising medical examinations. This mean your client can choose a time, date and location, which is convenient to them. To put their mind at rest, Harley Street Doctors Group will be happy to answer any questions they have about the medical examination. They will also let your client know if they have to wear any special clothing or bring anything with them.

Additional tests

For some applications we may need to take some additional tests. These may include:

  • Smoker test - If they tell us that they do not smoke, we may ask them to take a simple test to validate this.
  • Blood test - We may need to take a blood sample to perform one or more of the following test: cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, liver function, full blood count.
  • HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) test - This is now a routine aspect of life assurance screening. We ask that all clients requesting a sum assured over a certain amount undergo this test, taking into account the information they provided on their application. An HIV negative test result does not affect their chances when applying for insurance in the future.
  • Exercise Electrocardiogram - This is a more rigorous test and involves being monitored by an ECG while they exercise, for example on a treadmill. Previously, this has always required them to attend a surgery for the test to be performed. We are now sometimes able to offer this as a mobile service and the test can be performed at the same venue as the examination (eg their home or place of work).

If any of these additional tests apply to your client, we will send them full details and information.


We respect the importance of client confidentiality. Please be assured that all the information your client provides is kept confidential and that any staff with access to their medical information are authorised by our Medical Officer and must follow our written code of practice.

For further information, please see our Confidentiality policy section.