Final steps in your application

As a valued customer, you are important to us and we want to make sure that your clients protection application with us is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Their application will be assessed by our dedicated underwriting team who give careful consideration to the answers. To ensure we can offer the best possible terms for you clients circumstances, we will assess various factors such as whether they smoke, their age and sex, family history, medical history, lifestyle, occupations, pastimes and financial details.

Addition information

In some circumstances we may need to contact them for additional information to help us assess their application fairly.


In most cases, the decision process is straightforward and once we have accepted their application, we will send them a letter describing our terms of acceptance and their premium details.

Their policy will then start when they or you confirm a preferred start date.

If they have stated a policy start date on their application and they meet all of our requirements, their cover will start from that date and they will receive their policy documents.

Occasionally we may need to increase the premium if, for example, they have a medical problem or a hazardous occupation or pastime. For Critical Illness Cover, we may occasionally have to exclude certain conditions from their cover (back pain for example). Any exclusions to cover or premium increases will be detailed on their acceptance letter for them to agree before their cover starts.

Very rarely, an application may be declined. If this happens, we will explain our decision in more detail to them.