Help us to help your client

It's not always easy for your client to remember all their medical details but if your clients miss anything out or provide information that is incorrect, any future claim may not be paid and their policy cancelled.

Ask them to take their time

By thinking through their medical history and other details, it will help to ensure they don't forget to tell us anything important. Ask them to double check their information.

Any information they give us should be:

  • True
  • Accurate
  • Complete

Tell us in confidence

If your client would prefer not to discuss their personal details with you, they can send their answers and medical information , along with their full name, address and date of birth to:

Medical Officer

Legal & General Assurance Society Limited

PO Box 1186


East Sussex


And remember: They must also tell us if their health or other circumstances change between when they apply and when the policy starts.

Speeding up their application

Your client can also help us to process their application as quickly as possible if they:

  • Ensure that their contact details on the application form are correct.
  • Sign and return any necessary paperwork promptly.
  • Arrange any medical examinations or additional tests as soon as they can.