Auto evidence


Automatic evidence is requested even when there is no specific medical disclosure dependent on your clients age and benefit level.

The reason why we request automatic evidence is to protect your client, be that existing policyholders or new applicants.

With the use of automatic evidence it enables us to ensure we apply the correct terms and pay the right claims.

Auto evidence also helps protect your client for the following reasons:

  • They may be unaware they have an increased risk factor.
  • They may have forgotten they have an increased risk factor.

For more information please see the limits at which we request medical and financial information

PDF file: Medical evidence limit table – Correct as of April 2020 PDF size: 60KB

Declaration of Health (DOH)

The DOH provides the client with the opportunity to disclose any changes to their health or other relevant circumstances since the application was submitted.

When is a DOH required?

  • Once the underwriting decision or application validity has expired (see validity dates below).
  • When the requested policy start date is beyond the validity date.
  • When the direct debit is not collected within 60 days of the policy start date.
When is a DOH required
Benefit type Current sum assured Valid to date (From date of application or medical examination
Life   £500,000 or below 6 months
Over £500,000 3 months
Critical Illness Cover (CIC) £350,000 or below 6 months
Over £350,000 3 months
Income Protection Benefit (IPB) and Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPI)  All  6 months
An application itself is valid for 12 months after which a new application is required in order to proceed with the underwriting process.  
A Declaration of Health is only valid for a two-month period from the date of the client's signature.

Alterations to the application

A DOH will also be required if the client requests a significant change to their cover;

  • Policy term extended by more than five years
  • Life and CIC - Sum assured increases greater than 10% of original sum assured. However all increases over 30K require a DOH. Note: all increases less than 10K do not require a DOH irrespective of the percentage increase.
  • IPB and MPI - sum assured increases greater than 10% of original benefit.
  • Deferment periods of MPI/IPB reduced; eg 26 week deferment period changed to 13 week deferment period.
  • Addition of any optional benefits; eg waiver of premium.