Telemedical interviewing


TMI is a service we offer to your clients to disclose details about medical conditions confidentially and to speed up the application process which is performed by our Underwriting Customer Information Team (UCIT). Our specially trained team will talk to your clients about a medical condition that they have disclosed on their application form. This will, in many cases, prevent us from having to write to your client's doctor.


Speed: Will allow applications to be processed quicker and policies to be issued.

Your client can talk freely and in confidence to a trained member of staff that has an understanding of the nature of the medical condition and knows what information is required to underwrite the policy without delay.

How it works

We will contact your client to let them know that we need some further information over the phone. This will be by text, email and letter. You will also be sent an email, to keep you updated with progress.

The customer will then have our free phone telephone number, so that they can call at their convenience to complete the telephone interview. Calls will be completed as soon as the customer calls in; if they are unable to complete the call at that time they will be invited to call us back when they are able.

If your customer is deaf or has a hearing impairment they can still use this service provided they have a 'Type Talk' or similar facility.

No outbound calls will be made by UCIT.

Our lines will be open Monday to Thursday 9am to 6.30pm. Friday 9am to 6pm. All calls are recorded and kept for future reference.

Please remember:

TMI is not used when a doctor's report is automatically required due to age/sum assured levels. Not all applications will be suitable for a TMI call.

Once the TMI call has been completed, we may still need to write to your client's doctor for further information, if the underwriting team deems it necessary.

The client contact number is for your clients only. If you wish to track the progress of the application, please use your dedicated service team who will assist you in your enquiry.

Once the initial TMI call has been attempted, please encourage your client to contact us at their earliest convenience on the client contact number above.

Our service pledge

It is very important that your client's have confidence in our service.

We will: We won't:
Talk to your client free of insurance jargon. Relentlessly follow a script.
 Talk to your client as an individual.  Ignore your client's feelings and the effect illness can have on people.
 Appreciate that your client is talking to us about very personal and sensitive information.  Repeat mis-representation statements that are in application forms.
 Encourage your client to talk to us openly, honestly and freely.  Bombard your client with unnecessary questions.
 Listen to what your client has to say, rather than present them with a series of questions.  Ignore other matters and hope your client has given accurate details on the application form.
 Check a few other details while your client is on the phone, to protect them from mis-representation eg smoking status, alcohol intake and height and weight.  Create a paper trail out of a phone-based service.
 Summarise the conversation during the telephone call, rather than create a paper summary for your client to check at a later date.  Leave your client wondering who to tell if their health changes before issue of the policy.
Provide a dedicated phone number for your client to use if there are any changes in their health before the issue of the policy.

Top 10 conditions

  1. Family History
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Cholesterol
  4. Palpitations
  5. Arthritis
  6. Anxiety/Stress/Depression
  7. Underweight/Build
  8. Abnormal Smear
  9. Heart Murmur
  10. Growths