Immediate Cover

Immediate Cover applies when we assume risk before the life insured has been fully underwritten and while the necessary evidence is being obtained.

It's suitable when protection is required urgently.

A legitimate business / personal need for the CIC cover must exist, with no existing similar protection in force or applied for.

To request Immediate Cover, the application, a completed direct debit mandate and an immediate cover request form should be completed. Financial evidence must also be sent if the amount of cover is £2m or more.

PDF file: Immediate Cover Leaflet and Request Form for Life Cover (Q32231) PDF size: 72KB

Acceptance of Immediate Cover is not automatic or guaranteed and the request for Immediate cover may be refused. If granted, immediate cover is provided for up to 60 days.

Immediate Cover cannot exceed;

  • Life Cover - £3,000,0000, or
  • Critical Illness Cover for business or personal loan/mortgage - £1,500,000.

We won’t pay out if death occurs from:

  • suicide, intentional and serious self-injury or, an event where, in our reasonable opinion, the life insured took their own life,
  • hazardous activities, or
  • whilst they are outside the UK.

In the event of a claim we’ll only pay out on one of the following, Accidental Death Benefit, Immediate Cover and Free Life Cover on the policy applied for, not on all three.

Once the application has been fully underwritten it will have a policy start date of the same day that Immediate Cover was accepted.

In order to request Immediate Cover please contact your dedicated service team.

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