Life cover

Our life cover plans pay out the benefit if the life assured dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness* and is eligible to claim during the term of the plan.

Our life cover plans automatically includes:

Terminal Illness Cover* - the sum assured will be paid out if the life assured is diagnosed as suffering from a terminal illness and is eligible to claim (where life expectancy is less than 12 months). This is only available on plans where the term is 2 years or more.

With our life cover, once a claim has been paid, the policy will end and no further premiums or benefits will be payable.

*Excluding Whole of Life Protection Plan

Underwriting Decisions

  • The maximum rating we will normally apply is 400% em (extra mortality) loading.

Life only exclusions

  • If we apply an additional premium for a hazardous activity eg private aviation, the client can chose to have the risk excluded from the plan rather than pay the additional premium.

Key points

  • Life exclusions can only be applied for hazardous activity risks and never medical risks.
  • We can offer an exclusion on all life cover products even if the policy is required to protect a loan.

We never offer an exclusion on life cover unless it has been specifically requested by the client, as we prefer to offer the most comprehensive cover available in the first instance.

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