Understanding Articles of Association and how to identify sales opportunities from a set of accounts

Duration: 3 hours. Full CII accreditation session for Structured CPD.

Dealing with corporate clients need not be complicated or time consuming. This workshop shows you how to understand what’s in the Articles of Association that could impact the advice you provide and it shows you how to read a set of accounts from any Limited Company and spot the sales opportunities.

Our interactive workshop includes information about:

How Limited Companies are set up

  • What is in the Articles of Association that needs to be taken into account when advising about business protection
  • Structure of a typical set of audited accounts and how to identify the key information which can be used to assess a client’s needs
  • Identifying the shareholders in the business and what powers they have
  • How the business operates
  • How to check if they are running profitably, including identifying net and gross profits and liabilities
  • How to calculate the potential current value of the business
  • How to work out how much key person cover a business should have
  • How to analyse key information that can help you identify potential business

We’ll explore the use of the tools that Legal & General provide to produce potentially realistic levels of cover which in turn enables the adviser to have a focused discussion with clients about their needs. We will convert this information into sales opportunities for you, giving you valuable insight before your first client meeting.