Building a better way to work – together

At Legal & General, we don’t just make changes for the sake of it. We listen to our advisers. So when you told us we could speed up the application process, we decided to do something about it.  

New Improvements

We’ve updated Agent Hub in OLP Connect to give you more time to focus on protecting customers, whilst providing better case tracking insights. Ultimately, improving your overall experience with less clicks and less time wasted.

Saving time

You said: Our system wasn’t easy to navigate.

We created: A new simplified overview page which shows all the customer, product and adviser information – all in one place.

Keeping you notified

You said: It’s frustrating having to call us to obtain information regarding payment of invoices for medical evidence.

We amended: Our system to provide you with full visibility on paid invoices, helping you have more informed conversations with your clients.

Getting cover quicker

You said: It’s difficult to navigate the system to obtain a view of information required to complete an application.

We built: A new page which lists evidence required in order to make a prompt decision.

Your feedback makes a difference

We’re all about listening to and working with our advisers. It’s our goal to make it easier for you to do business as what matters to you, matters to us.



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