Guy Molinterno

We interviewed Guy Moliterno, a financial adviser with over 25 years experience. Guy talks about working in the business protection market and gives his views on Legal & General’s business protection proposition.

Guy's own words

“When you’re dealing with the commercial market you must know the client - It’s exactly the same if you’re dealing with a normal husband and wife or individual, you must know your client.”

“I don’t actually discuss price with them until the very end. Because it’s important for them to acknowledge the fact that they actually do need this protection.”

Listen to the interview clips:

What’s the most important thing for a financial adviser to consider when entering into the business protection market?(Video - 1min14s)

How do you approach business protection with business clients? (Video - 1 min10s)

Is cost an issue? (Video - 1min16s)

How to approach clients from a marketing point of view? (Video - 2mins10s)

What’s your claims experience with Legal & General? (Video - 1min13s)

What do you think of Legal & General's marketing support? (Video 1min10s)

What do you think of Legal & General's underwriting support? (Video 1min)