Running a business protection seminar can help provide you with a perfect opportunity to talk to your clients about protecting their business and the solutions available to them.

Running seminars are not difficult but requires careful planning. Here are some important things to consider when you are involved in seminar planning

Planning your Seminar

Before you start, think about the objectives and goals you want to achieve.

Planning your seminar (Q35076)  PDF: 2.89MB – use this timetable for the weeks leading up to the seminar so you can keep track of what needs to be done and when.

Seminar planning key elements (Q35077)  PDF: 42KB – we’ve listed some key essentials you should know and consider when organising a seminar.


We have a range of checklists that can support you through the pre and post stages of your seminar:

Seminar objectives checklist (Q35078)  PDF: 34KB

Day of seminar checklist (Q35079)  PDF: 2.88MB

After the seminar checklist (Q35080)  PDF: 32KB

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