When it comes to Business Protection many business owners don’t know where to start or haven’t even considered the value it offers.

With a majority of business owners focused on the day to day running of their business, few take the time to understand the potential risks they could face should an owner/key employee die of suffer a critical illness.  This fundamentally comes down to their lack of knowledge and awareness, and not having the right advice to be made aware of the need for such protection.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Rough Guides and produced The Rough Guide to Business Protection (PDF: 4197KB)  

The Rough Guide to Business Protection is a comprehensive e-guide giving no-nonsense, practical and clear information on Business

Protection. Written by financial journalist Emma Simon, the e-guide is packed with top tips and useful information to help business owners understand the risks their businesses may face and the types of insurance products available. Ultimately allowing them to make an informed decision about what’s best for their business at whatever stage of the business lifecycle they are at. 

How You Can Use This Guide
Aimed primarily at business owners you could use this Rough Guide:

With your existing business clients to help highlight the need for such protection
With potential business clients to help them understand the potential risks they may face and the different business protection solutions
To help improve and build your own knowledge of business protection
To get tips and ideas to help you approach business owners and convince them of the need for business protection.

Whether you want to improve your knowledge or use this e-guide as sales tool with your business clients, this e-guide can help you start the right conversations and raise awareness of the potential risks a business could face.

The Rough Guide to Business Protection (PDF: 4197KB)  

Terms & Conditions

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