Asset TV's Akademis Training Portal

Richard Kateley, Head of Intermediary Development, Legal & General talks about:

  • Understanding the core protection needs of business in the UK
  • How to work with 3rd parties such as lawyers and accountants
  • How to engage with business owners on business protection

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Richard Kateley, Head of Intermediary Development, talks about our latest research and discusses the key areas of business protection; debt, profit, relevant life plans and share protection.

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Understanding Share Protection - Asset TV's Akademis Training Portal

Richard Kateley, Head of Intermediary Development and Stuart Halliwell, Market Development Manager discuss the implications of having no protection in place, working with a solicitor and why to choose this market.

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Protection Key Persons - Asset TV's Akademia Training Portal

Stuart Halliwell and Robert Betts, Market Development Managers discuss who to insure, key persons to cover, tax issues and company accountancy

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NEW: Introducing you to Group Protection

Legal & General Group Protection have partnered up with Akademia TV to bring you a series of educational videos on Group Protection.
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Relevant Life Plans video

Richard Kateley, Head of Intermediary Development, gives an overview of how the plan works, the benefits it can offer and who this plan will appeal to.

Effective Seminar Planning video

Emma Davies, Market Development Manager, shares some ideas about running a business protection seminar and important things to consider.

Understanding Accounts video

Stuart Halliwell, Business Development Manager, gives an overview of how a set of company accounts can provide a valuable insight into a business. He highlights points to consider and how a set of accounts can be used when considering the amounts of business protection cover needed.

Introduction to Busiess Calculators video

Business Development Manager, Stuart Halliwell, highlights how our Key Person and Business Valuation calculators can help you in your discussions with your clients when arriving at the appropriate sums assured for key person cover or for share and partnership protection.

Generating Business Leads video
Business Will Trust video

Scott Hood, Market Development Manager, highlights the importance of a Will and the benefits of Will Trust Planning.

Company Share Purchase video

Market Development Manager, Scott Hood, talks you through the different methods of shareholder protection - the traditional company share protection arrangement and Company Share Purchase. He highlight points to consider and the pros and cons of each method.

Price Beater video

Emma Davies, Specialist Protection Manager, gives a brief introduction to Price Beater and how we'll beat a competitor's premium on high sum assured Term and Critical Illness quotes.

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