Our Business Protection Trusts hub makes it easier than ever to put your business client’s policies in trust.

Writing a business protection policy in trust helps to ensure that the right people receive the money in the event of a claim, which is essential at a time when a smooth transition for the business is crucial. We offer a variety of trusts depending on the type of business to be protected and our new Business Protection Trusts Hub is designed to help ensure that you choose the right trust for your client’s business.


It’s now easier than ever before to put your business client’s protection policies in trust with Legal & General.  Our hub will help ensure you choose the right trust for your business clients based on the policy they’ve taken out and their type of business. so all you and your clients are left to do is print, sign and witness the trusts and send them back to us with our populated cover letter for us to action.

Helping To Reduce Errors

Trust forms are not always the easiest forms to complete but it is vital that they are accurate. We’ve designed our hub to ensure that errors are kept to a minimum, if not prevented altogether. Ensuring your business customers are put into trust quicker than ever, leading to greater efficiencies and fewer errors for you to correct.

The hub is broken down into three sections for ease of use:

  • Inform - A jargon-free section that explains business protection trusts and demonstrates why they are important and when they should be used.
  • Select - This section provides you with an easy to follow decision tree, based on the type of business the trust is being set up for, the type of policy you are writing and selects the right trust for you to complete with your client.
  • Complete - If you already know the type of trust your business customer needs, this section allows you to simply select it, complete it online and print it out. Once the necessary signatures are obtained, the complete trust can be sent back to us along with the cover letter to action accordingly.

There are various issues that apply to our business protection products.

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