Client comes for mortgage advice but leaves with a lot more

When Hazel Doherty's clients came to see her for some mortgage advice, she didn't expect to find out she could get a payment from her Critical Illness Cover.

Struggling to make ends meet

A few years ago, a client came to see Hazel at John Doherty IFS regarding a two-year mortgage. While asking the client for her payslips, the client broke down in tears, and explained to Hazel that she’d had to leave work due to her child having cancer. She’d been really struggling to make ends meet.

Helpful advice

Hazel asked her whether she knew that her life with critical illness cover also protected her child. The client was totally unaware, so Hazel immediately started the claim.

Great news

A few weeks later, the payments came through and the extra money allowed the client to take her child on holiday, pay off some of the mortgage and help her get back to work.

Icing on the cake

A few months ago, the client popped in to see Hazel and gave her the greatest news ever – her son had reached a milestone, he’d been cancer free for 2 years. She said it was like winning the lottery!