Hero goes the extra mile to protect family.

Making sure clients understand the importance of cover is something Rob Gill of Intrinsic House has been doing for years.

He's seen first-hand the difference it can make.

A client Rob had advised five years earlier to take out life insurance with critical illness cover came to see him about income protection as he’d changed his job.

Breast Cancer Diagnosed

However, the conversation ended up being about the health of his wife. Rob discovered that in 2014, she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy.

Due to the upsetting nature of the condition and purely concentrating on her health and recovery, the client hadn't thought to check their policy to see whether it would be able to financially help them through this difficult time.

Adviser took immediate action

Upon hearing the news, Rob immediately contacted the critical illness claims department at Legal & General to see if they were covered as the policy was still in force.

Rob discovered there were problems with the client’s medical notes and conflicting dates of the various procedures she’d had been through.


Rob spent five months liaising with her doctor, medical secretaries, surgery team and the hospital. After dozens of phone calls and emails, finally everything was sorted and the payment was made in November 2018.

The extra money allowed the clients to book a nice holiday and make themselves more financially comfortable. And the good news doesn’t end there. The client is now cancer-free and in good health.

Over the moon

Without Rob’s actions and willingness, none of this would have happened. His time and effort ensured the right thing was done. His clients were absolutely delighted with the work he’d done during this extremely difficult period in their lives.

The importance of protection

This story has helped Rob show potential clients the importance of having adequate protection in place. Rob is a real hero that makes a difference to people’s lives every day.