Advice helps family with £82k pay out

When Wayne Unsworth spoke to a couple in their 20s about a life insurance with critical illness cover policy, little did he know that soon afterwards, his advice would make a world of difference...

The story

In 2013, Wayne of Platinum Advice Ltd, suggested to the couple they should take out life and critical illness policy to cover their liabilities.  Although opting not to take out the full amount, as they felt it wasn’t affordable, they decided to cover 50% of their liability. 

Extra support

Two years later, the wife fell pregnant but unfortunately during the pregnancy she became very ill with Breast Cancer and underwent surgery. Wayne says, “I immediately put in a claim, along with supporting Hospital and Consultant confirmations to Legal & General.” And it didn’t take long for a result. Just a few weeks later the clients received a cheque for over £82,000 - with minimal fuss.

Wayne says, “The money enabled the couple to support their family at a very vulnerable time, both physically and financially.” A few months later their beautiful baby girl was born - without any complications.


And the good news doesn’t stop there. “It’s now approaching 4 years since the surgery, and the wife has had the ‘All-Clear” says Wayne. “They’re now looking to buy a bigger house with a new mortgage and are putting more protection in place to cover their increased liability as a family.”